Ode to my beautiful fiancée on our engagement monthiversary ...

Separated by 8000 miles of distance and 10 hours of time, our love can still sustain and grow stronger each day.   This is a modest attempt to bring out my thoughts on this beautiful and precious occasion.

I look at my watch,
It's almost five,
Ten hours apart
It must be three in your part.

I imagine you now, asleep on your pillow,
Your hair falling over your smooth forehead,
Your eyes flickering deep in dream.

Sometimes when I am walking alone,
I turn and see you beside.
I reach out and you hold my hand,
We have lovy dovy talk and we laugh,
And a feeling of content overcomes me.

Sometimes as I lie on the couch,
You appear beside me.
I run my fingers through your tousled hair
You take my arm and hold it between yours
And I feel a joy fill my soul.

It's been a month now since we are engaged.
Lovers we already are, but we'll get to become soul-mates.
Though we seem to have already enjoyed a lot in this time.
I pray that there will lots more to come,... a whole lifetime.

A voice inside me chides me now.
I shake my head to rid of my thoughts.
My imagination must not ignore reality
I must be back to work now, eager to wind up and get home.

I look at my watch,
It's now almost eight,
Ten hours apart
It must be six in your part.

I imagine the gentle morning rays
Bantering silently with your innocent face
Competing in a tussle for brightness and warmth
As you are about to let go of your dream, I am just about to begin mine.