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I am proud of the fact that I personally know these people......

Lets start at the very beginning , a very good place to start..........
School has taught me everything from ABC. These are the people alongwith whom I learnt it:
1. Paramewaran Krishnan, (Shiva) now Sales Mgr in Dubai.
My bosom pal who has been with me from kindergarten till matriculation. Whenever I fell ill, it was his notes that used to get me past the exams.
2. Sachin Kalbag ,now Head of Content, Chalomumbai.com and Editor, Mid-Day. I first met him while in Class VII during a Quiz competition. Sachin went on to make it to the MasterMind on BBC whereas even now I can hardly keep pace with Derek's questions on TV directed to 15 year old kids.
3. Manish Patel, the techie fundoo now with Motorola , Harvard IL. The Gandhian style thinker who was very clear about his goals and ventured into esoteric stuff like VLSI design . He once unintentionally did bottom slapping to a horrified pretty young thing. I remember him for hosting a puppet show (of which I was also a team member) at a Science Exhibition in Goregaon. Would smile stupidly at girls and because they knew he was a Gandhian they would all fawn over him while, we others were the frownd upon bete noire. Manish got married to Geeta in Dec 2001.
4. Aseem Nagar - now a successful s/w guy at Washington DC. All of 6'2" tall, he rose above ordinary levels especially in the Chemistry laboratory with his pyrotechnic stunts on cupping his palm with acetone and setting it afire. Got married in 2000 to Archana
5. Rishi Chaturvedi - another successful s/w guy now at Munich Germany. My my , Marshal MacLuban sure wasnt kidding, everything is global nowadays including my friend circle. Rishi is best remembered for manipulating readings in the Physics Laboratory and getting a non infinity value for tan90 with his calculator stunts.
6. Hemant Waghe - (another name for Creativity and Noise). A very creative chap whose gamut ranges from face painting at Malhar to writing graffitti to designing flamboyant T-shirts and cassette covers. Had a realllyyy large "contacts" circle and is knowledgable on diverse subjects that are slightly away from mainstream  like the course contents of mercenary schools in Israel. If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, Hemant of Goregaon had a voice that could launched from a thousand metres away and still be clearly audible enough. Hemant went on complete his mgmt from JBIMS after his Automobile Engg and is now on the threshold of  a career in Dubai.
Another person worth mentioning is John Abraham, super model. We were in the same "Sinhal" classes, Andheri for Intermediate where he used to write graffitti like d/dx Sin(hal) =  - d/dx Cos(hal) etc. I never knew he would be so successful , else I would have made it a point to remain in close touch with him :-). Of course he does not remember me now, but I am just showing my chickens off that I once knew him.
More to come on REC friends
More to come on Sydenham friends
More to come on Citicorp friends
More to come on PCS friends

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