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Poetic Emotions ....
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Some expressions that I have dared to call as poetry...

The Magic of Your Eyes

The merry twinkling of your eyes
As clear and azure as the summer skies
They burn into me in not in part but whole
As they perceive into my innermost soul.

My most comforting friends are they
With whom I converse night and day
They bestow upon me a joy profound
Unfound in paradise where pleasures abound.

With a happy gaze they fondle me
When they find my blithe heart in glee
They console me in times of sorrow
And prepare me to face the morrow

The shy furtiveness of their glance
Is more enchanting than the peacocks's dance
Believe me ye, its fact not fiction
That those magical eyes are an addiction

Still there is a silent sadness in my rejoice
I am waiting to hear a beckoning voice
A single glimpse that is so sublime
Will keep me awe-struck till the end of time

Unlike the shaayris, for which I cannot take the credit of originality, these poems are 100 % composed by me. Also I need to add a few more poems from the college days. Unfortunately I do not have a soft copy as of now and am feeling rather tired to key them in. So keep watching this space for some original (Indian) English romantic worse ooops... verse.