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O Blithe newcomer, I welcome thee and rejoice

This site is the Personal homepage of Rajagopal Krishna. It also doubles up as a gateway to all victims of the global Diaspora who would like to know wots lately up with me, know more about my life, or simply put touchbase with my life. Here you'll find out a lot about me: my interests and hobbies, my friend circle, the latest buzz and other dope about me. I've even included my resume (in case anyone can get me a better job ;). Also putting here a few links to photo galleries, clubs and some of the other associations that I have with cyberspace. Cheerio ! Have fun.

Have a dekko at the other pages. A word of caution if u find my sense of humor apalling to your finer sentiments, this place is not the right mouse clicking exercise for you.
Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately ;-) I love to get mail (as long as it ain't hate-mail.)

P.S: "Rajababu" was the name given to me affectionately by Rajesh Jha and Milind Dhuru from Citibank. I liked the name mainly beacuse I liked the Govinda character in the movie of the same name and hence adopted this name. Just for records the name is Rajagopal Krishna.

I got enagaged to Uma Ramasubramanian on 10-Sep-03.

Life is all downhill, if u get the right ski lift
Skiing at the Appalachians

What's New?

Carolina's answer to Six Flags - from 62 mph roller coasters, 300 feet dropzone, ScreamWeavers to the humble bumping cars and haunted houses, this thrill park is a wholesome fun place. Memoirs of the visit with Shishir, Girija, Neha, Chandru and Ashok-Seema ....

On the barf turf... Jan 2003

The coolest vacation I ever had (pun intended) at WinterPlace Ski Resort, Virginia - with Accenture junta - Shishir, Girijashankar, Ashok-Seema and Namit

Beaming at Bhimashankar!! November 2001

Check out the write-up on the trip to Bhimashankar, Shivneri, Nashik & Shirdi with Raghu and Citicorp friends.